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Student Life

We offer an excellent student life with an optimum balance in academic, non academic and recreational activities. From fun filled events organized by various clubs and societies to internships & work placement to enhance your employability, we have got it all covered.

Clubs & Activities

Your time at university should be a fun and exciting time, having the chance to make new friends and follow your passions. At CIIHE you can engage in hundreds of different activities that provides opportunities to enjoy yourself, build your confidence and express your creativity and ideas.

Events organized throughout the year by the student council promotes our values of accepting and celebrating diversity, respect of each other’s cultures and getting everyone to be a happy member of the campus community.

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Internships & Placements

One of the major objectives of CIIHE is to produce globally employable graduates. Future workplace is a  fast changing, multi-cultural and technologically advanced setting where interpersonal skills, ability to work in multicultural, multi-disciplinary teams, communication and presentation skills, leadership, ability to work independently in an organized manner matters more than anything.

In order to prepare our students for these challenges we provide ample internship and placement opportunities for CIIHE students within campus projects and in collaboration with our partners.

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