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CIIHE join hands with Manipal Education & Medical Group to Offer Pre-medicine pathways

Colombo International Institute of Higher Education has entered in an academic collaboration with Manipal Education & Medical Group to offer Pre-medicine pathways for students planning to gain international medical education.

Sri Lankan students now have the opportunity of completing 2 years of the non clinical pre medicine course of the MD degree awarded by American University of Antigua, College of Medicine, a member of the Manipal Education & Medical Group.

Students will complete 2 years in Sri lanka at CIIHE and enter the College of Medicine of AUA to complete their pre clinicals and sit for the USMLE. Upon completion of USMLE requirements, student will be placed in hospitals in USA and Canada for their residency (internship).

MD degree awarded by AUA is one of the most accredited medical degrees in the world allowing them to practice in USA, Canada, UK, European countries and many other parts of the world.

This pathway provides an excellent opportunity for Sri Lankan students to graduate with a world class medical degree with licence to practice in top countries in the world and save a large amount of money through the pre-medicine pathway.

Collaboration between CIIHE and Manipal Education and Medical group has opened doors to many students who are passionate about medicine and work internationally as doctors. For parents this is one of the most economical pathways for a globally recognized medical qualification.

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