Professional Diploma in Counseling Psychology


Level 7


12 Months


About the Course

Professional Diploma in Counseling Psychology is a postgraduate level (UK Level 7) program designed to train individuals to become practitioners of psycho-therapeutic counseling. This is deal for ones who have already completed a Bachelor’s or Higher Diploma level education in psychology, therefore have gathered core psychology knowledge and now are planning to gain a professional qualification is counseling with a supervised training.

During the program students will be introduced to key theoretical frameworks of different psychotherapeutic approaches providing them an opportunity to gain knowledge required to understand multiple causes, risk factor, assessment methods and intervention planning for low intensity psychological conditions. Supervised training will provide them with skills, technical knowledge and confidence needed become an independent practitioner.

Upon successful completion students will be able to :

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to understand the causes and risk factors of low intensity psychological conditions

  • Use psychotherapeutic techniques effectively to plan and carry out interventions for life issues, behavioral problems and psychological conditions

  • Work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams in adherence to ethical and professional standards

  • Support others while understanding the strengths and limitations of ones skills and without harming their own well-being

Program Structure

Duration 01 Year

Delivery On Campus

Modules 08

Compulsory 05

Electives 03

Credit Value 120 UK Credits

Level 07 (RQF Standard)

Classes Saturday Afternoons

Module Structure

Core Modules

# Module Title

1 Introduction to Counseling Psychology

2 Defining & Classifying Mental Illness

3 Counseling Theories & Techniques

4 Counseling in Different Contexts

5 Post trauma Counseling

6 Introduction to Low Intensity Psychotherapy

7 Supervised Training

Entry Criteria

Standard Entry : Bachelor’s Degree or Higher Diploma in Psychology, Nursing, Medicine, Social Work or any other related field

If you are not eligible under the standard entry, you may be eligible under the work related entry

Work related Entry : Individuals currently working in related fields may enter the programs if they meet any of the following criteria

Basic Qualification in Core Psychology + Minimum One Year Experience in counseling, mental health or a related field

Language Proficiency : Students should possess a high level of proficiency in Reading, Writing and Speaking English to make use of the programs.

All students must face an interview after registration before paying the course fee. Registration fee of the rejected applicants will be refunded,

Academic Progression in Sri Lanka

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, upon successful completion of this Diploma, you are eligible to apply for the following Postgraduate programs

MSc in Clinical & Counseling Psychology

MSc Applied Psychology – Child & Adolescent Practice

MSc Applied Psychology – Counseling Psychology

International Credit Transfer

Upon successful completion of this Diploma, students are eligible to apply for exemptions for the similar modules in related programs through credit transferring.

We could recommend you the universities that we already have a partnership with or if you have a preferred country and/or a University we could support you to transfer the credits by working with the university

Employability – Local & Foreign

Our Qualifications are registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Qualification Authority of Sri Lanka, therefore your qualification is recognized by the Government of Sri Lanka as a vocational qualification. If you plan to apply for foreign employment, You are eligible to get your certificate endorsed by the Government of Sri Lanka as a recognized qualification.

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Further Study & Transfer Options