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We are a forward thinking modern university, driven by our commitment to deliver excellence and opportunities to our students, staff and the region. We believe in academic excellence, changemaking impact and Personal & Professional intergrity.

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Sri Lanka's Premier Private University

Located in Colombo 04, the heart of the capital of Sri Lanka, CIIHE is one of the largest city campuses in Colombo.

Spreading over 35 000 sqft of modern infrastructure, campus is designed to accommodate state of the art  teaching facilities, world class learning resources and inspiring study spaces.

We deliver globally recognized academic and professional qualifications in collaboration international universities and accreditation & awarding bodies.

Our faculty includes leading academics and professionals from around the world.

Corporate Structure

CIIHE is a private higher education organization registered under the Tertiary & Vocational Education of Sri Lanka.

It is made up of four faculties and several schools under these faculties.

CIIHE is governed by a senior management team consisting of directors and deans of respective faculties and a comprehensive committee structure in academic, administration, ethics and student engagement.


CIIHE adheres to international standards of corporate integrity, social responsibility, transparency & accountability, diversity & inclusion, mutual respect, ethical and fair practices and positive student experience. 

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Senior Management Team.

Our Senior Management Team provides leadership to the entire organization by  directing, guiding, motivating and supporting our team in order to achieve organizations strategic goals, working within the organizations framework of values.

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